SWTOR Bomber Starfighter Detailed; Comes Packed with Heavy Armor and Mines

Say hello to the first new ship role added to Galactic Starfighter since the launch of early access: Bomber Class Starfighter!

The official website of SWTOR announced and detailed the pros and cons of the bomber earlier today.

Just as the idea we get from the word bomber itself; this ship is going to be huge and not easily maneuverable. It will be slower than the average ships that are at play but then again, anything that big comes with a price.

Bombers are massive starfighters, protected by powerful shields and heavy armor, and bristling with a dizzying array of specialized weaponry. In addition to the cannons, missiles and torpedoes found on most fighters, they can also be loaded out with a variety of mines, drones and other systems.

The bomber, though a big target which is not really effective in dogfights, is still going to be a tough beast. It will shrug off small sized attacks from the average ships; the armor of a bomber is not an easy thing to go through.

To top that off, while you are in close proximity of a bomber you will have to deal with a field of mines as well as other ships that will keep firing at you.

A huge toolset of weapons that a SWTOR Bomber brings includes mines, drones, torpedoes, missiles and cannons.

The mines, once dropped activate their proximity sensors and just as an enemy comes close to it, the mine will detonate. Of course, there is a multifold of mine types other than these.

The details are pretty extensive, so you might want to visit the announcement post of the SWTOR Bomber for details.