Story of Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 Gets Personal, Adds Dragons

A Q&A session that followed a recent developer diary brought forward more Intel about Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2. To start off, Konami thought that a game with vampires alone wasn’t enough, so they have added dragons to the list.

During the course of the game your character will be able to transform into fire breathing, flip flying dragon.

Apart from that, the video of the Q&A session sheds light on the storyline of the game; which in turn is pretty contrasting to the usually inhumane natures of vampires.

A key aspect of the story that they talked about tells how Dracula’s relationship with his wife is rather complicated. Dracula is still attracted to the vision of Carmilla, which is pretty seductive and alluring.

Oh and when asked whether anyone in the studio shed a tear at the story of Lords of Shadow 2, the answer was “lots.” So we should expect a rather gripping emotional side to the theme.

As far as the game’s puzzles and missions are concerned, it was told that they would prominently focus on the abilities of the Dracula which are of course related to vampirism.

Check out the whole video above and tell us what you make of the modern take on the story in Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2?