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StarCraft 2 Patch 2.1 Increases Level Cap, Adds New Rewards

StarCraft 2’s upcoming 2.1 patch is offering plenty of new changes to the multiplayer of the game. Many of the changes were previously announced last month that emphasized on tweaking clan, and group based features.

New news has emerged regarding the patch, foretelling additional updates to the leveling and rewards. The level cap of each race has been increased from 30 to 35, with new rewards associated with the new levels.

In addition to the levels, following the positive response obtained by Jonathan Burton’s Carbot Animations for StarCraft 2, Carbot-themed portraits and decals are also being added for each race, meaning there are six new rewards in the 2.1 patch.

In order to earn them, you’ll have to play StarCraft II: Heart of Swarm and earn experience. Achieving level 32 will reward you with decals of the concerned faction while leveling to full 35 will unlock the portrait.

Alongside to the pushed level cap and the new rewards, the experience earning system has gotten a significant boost, with four times more XP through the “First Win of the Day” bonuses. The first win of the day will grant you 100,000 XP, giving you all the more reason engage in the strategic battles.