Random Permutation Racer From Sir, You Are Being Hunted Dev Free On PC Now

Developer Big Robot has released a free game called Permutation Racer for PC and Mac. This small prototype lets you glide through a simply constructed world in an endless racer. It’s up for download on the developer’s site.

There is only one goal in this short feature and that is to race to the next checkpoint, before time runs out. On the way, you’ll collect glowing stars, which may or may not be aloft.

To grab those pesky flying orbs, you’ll have to commit to a jump. Other than that, all you are required to do is avoid the simply designed spikes of this rocky world. Some sessions may also include shiny barriers that block your progress.

Permutation Racer is procedurally generated, which means that each random gameplay event will be different from the other. It’s simple, but should be entertaining for a few minutes.

You may recognize Big Robot from their more popular release on PC called Sir, You Are Being Hunted. It uses the same technology to create random content.

In the world of Sir, you are being hunted. It’s that simple. More specifically, you are dropped into a swampy location, where robots are roaming around, gun in hand.

You’ll need to escape predatory clutches if you want to survive. Meanwhile, you’ll also be obliged to feed and do other, common sustaining actions, which can be stored in an inventory system.

Developer Big Robot is the crossover of game journalist Jim Rossignol, primarily known for his work on Rock, Paper, Shotgun.