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Project Spark Xbox One Beta Sparks Live Next Month

Project Spark has been in the headlines since the first time it was showcased at last year’s E3.

The game is virtually anything you want it to be as players create games from scratch. For the next-generation console users, Project Spark Xbox One beta will bring a chance to experiencing all of that well before the game is released.

Team Dakota, the developer posted on the game’s official Facebook page last night announcing that the Xbox One beta version will commence next month:

Project Spark Xbox One closed beta begins in February. If you have a Windows 8 beta key, it will also give you access to the Xbox One beta. If you are in the Windows 8 beta, you will automatically have access to the Xbox One beta when it starts.

Previously a beta version of the game has been running on Windows and has rendered stupendous levels of creativity at the hands of the players.

Game creation tools let you make and play any game ranging from racing games to RPGs and shooters to dungeon crawling games.

You can choose to play the game in a third-person perspective, first-person perspective, top down view or side scrolling – it’s all up to you.

Furthermore, all the players who already own a beta key will be sent another one for free which they can use or give away to a friend.

If you are interested in the Project Spark Xbox One beta you might want to sign up for the beta key right now.