Guess What 343 Industries is Teasing, New Halo 5 Concept Art

Yes, it is official! Halo developer 343 Industries has released a new piece of concept art for what would be the next game in the series. The new Halo 5 concept art came out through the Halo Waypoint by Josh Holmes in a not so expected way.

The creative director originally posted to discuss the departure of art director Kenneth Scott, who has been replaced by Nicholas Bouvier aka Sprath.

The post went long and ended up in Holmes revealing the first look at a prominent location in Halo 5.

He teased the artwork, created by Bouvier, as “an early exploration of a new location that features prominently in a little game project we’re tinkering with.” The post has since been removed, for some reason, but you can take a look at the image above.

In other parts of the world, people have been worried whether Halo 5 will make it to the market in 2014 or not. This was clarified recently by Microsoft’s senior PR manager for Halo, Rob Semsey; and boy was it welcome. He had said that the game had not been listed among Microsoft’s 2014 titles because the game’s name had not been confirmed yet.

“Rest assured your next Halo journey WILL begin in 2014,” he said.

So, how did you like the new Halo 5 concept art?