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Former Bungie Design Director Joseph Staten is Back Home at Microsoft

This is exciting news for all of the Halo fans; the veteran of Halo franchise Joseph Staten, the co-creator of Halo and Destiny universe has returned to Microsoft.

He left Microsoft in September 2013 after fifteen years of service, to take on “new creative challenges.” Bungie are currently working on their next franchise, a ten-year plan called Destiny, which is set to release on 9th of September, 2014. Bungie has now partnered with Activision as the publishers of the game.

When talking to Joystiq, Microsoft said that Staten’s role at the studio will be to shape the franchise strategy for some Microsoft Studio titles. They also clarified that Staten will not be working directly on the next Halo game and that 343 Industries will continue to take the Halo franchise in a new direction.

Microsoft spokesperson Said:

“We are thrilled to welcome Joseph back to the Microsoft Studios family. Over the past 15 years at Bungie, Joseph has been a key creative force behind some of gaming’s most iconic and celebrated franchises, including Myth II, ONI and virtually every “Halo” game leading up to Halo: Reach. As a senior creative director, Joseph will help create the world’s best entertainment on Xbox.

Staten’s new role at Microsoft is as senior creative director. However, it is unknown what Xbox projects he is currently working on.

Microsoft further said on Staten’s role:

“He will be one of our leading ambassadors to the game development community, building on his many years of experience and relationships with developers and fans. We’re excited to share more about Joseph’s role in the future.”

There is no information about what he will actually be working on, but it still is very exciting to have such a talented Writer and Designer move to a different studio to bring something new.