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Development Studio Behind Mafia 2 Gets Shut Down by 2K Games

Looks like 2K games is planning to restructure the Prague Studio just like they did to 2K Marin last year. The publishing house has confirmed to CVG that they will be closing down the studio that was responsible for Mafia 2 and relocating the staff to other offices.

The company has stated that they are aiming at consolidating their Czech team together by transferring staff from the Prague studio to Brno, the nearby city.

2K Games representative also stated that they were relocating some of their development resources from both Prague and Brno studios to their headquarters in California at the same time. They say it will aid business integration:

“This transition will both strengthen the integration of the 2K Czech team with our award winning development teams, and better align cross-functional business practices. As part of this realignment, we are adjusting our staffing levels, resulting in the elimination of some positions.”

It is understandable that they want to consolidate the staff and send some of the key people to the headquarters for the optimization of their business functions. On the other hand, this could also lead to certain employees being laid off. Obviously not all the staff would be moved.

As far as the recent activities at the Prague studio are concerned, they were rumored to have been working on Mafia 3 – nothing was confirmed by the officials at 2K Games though.