Cities in Motion 2 Adds Marvellous Monorails DLC For $9.99

If you enjoy regulating things, publisher Paradox interactive has just added Marvellous Monorails downloadable content (DLC) to Cities in Motion 2. To witness the speedy DLC, you’ll need to put down $9.99 for the ride.

This alternative will allow you to construct an elevated platform to run your public transportation. It’s advised to use these new vehicles for circular trajectories, as a substitute for metro lines.

There are 5 new cars to choose from, each with their own selective traits. It ranges from slow and cheap to fast and expensive. We’ll list the options below:

  • Ness Mono – Comfortable and fast transportation, for great efficiency.
  • Hana-Bi Challenger – eco-friendly ride and requires less maintenance than others.
  • Toyoka Cybria City – Built for heavy duty and long travel lines.
  • Capitol Palm – Build for speedy trajectories with few stops.
  • Stern-Berger Mate – It’s the speedy traveler’s choice.

With the Marvellous Monorails DLC, you’ll get a whole new mode of transportation, which is the essential gameplay mechanism in Cities of Motion. Here, players are tasked with running an operational network.

You manage, not so much what goes on in the city, but how the city ticks. Starting with just a few bus stops, you make sure that people can get to and from the place they need to be and roads and other lines don’t get backed up.

For people who enjoy structure and precision, this is a game that allows you to finely tune your elements constantly.

As a note of caution, Cities in Motion 2 does require a Steam account to play. We have some screenshots for the Marvellous Monorails DLC.