Turtle Beach Bringing Official Wireless Headsets for PS4 Later this Year

If you are thinking about buying a brand new headset for your PlayStation 4 then you might want to wait until the autumn season of this year, so that the new PlayStation 4 related Turtle Beach products arrive in the Market.

The gaming audio giant is tasked with creating the headsets for the PlayStation 4.

Sony announced recently that it is in partnership with Turtle Beach to produce official PlayStation 4 headsets which are to be revealed for the first time in the summer. They will be ready to sell after a few months.

There will be two editions available for the upcoming headsets; a tournament-grade headset and obviously there will be a regular edition for the average customer. Not only these headsets will have compatibility with the PlayStation 4 but it will also work fine on the Sony’s PS Vita.

When the PlayStation 4 was launched there were some issues, which prevented legacy headsets from proper working, however, people have found different ways to connect their headsets to the console. This news hopefully means completely wireless headsets will soon be making their way to the consoles.

Sony revealed at CES the number of units sold so far for PlayStation 4 is 4.2 Million. So if the headsets would have been made available right from the start, they could have made some real money, but still it’s not too late to come up with the headsets.

There is definitely going to be huge demand for these headsets when they finally are available for purchase.