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Sony Recommends 5Mbps Connection for PlayStation Now

Sony revealed its PlayStation Now service at CES on Tuesday. It will stream PS3 games initially to PlayStation devices, Sony Bravia TVs, Sony PS Vita and in the future on other Sony and non-Sony devices.

When answering the questions what would be the best bandwidth for PS Now, a Sony rep said that “we recommend users to have 5Mbps connection.”

Sony said “In our internal tests, users with this bandwidth or grater have been enjoying low latency, high quality gaming experience.”

PlayStation Now will test your connection for each game and will optimize the quality if your bandwidth is above the minimum requirements.

According to the officials:

“We strive to make the gameplay experience feel as if the game is being played locally on their device, we want it to be fast and responsive.”

As far as the beta is concerned, they said:

The Closed Beta will provide us a great opportunity to test the experience of the gamers with varying connection speeds. Then according to the feedback we get. Our developers, of course, will be working efficiently to optimize the service for better and easier use.”

The Closed Beta will begin later this month. However Sony has not said anything regarding beta applications or the scale of the test.

PlayStation 4 was released on November 15th. Sony has sold over 4.2 Million units in 2013.