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Destiny on PC is Still a Possibility – It Hasn’t Been Announced Yet

Nearly everybody is waiting for Bungie’s next AAA title, Destiny. Bungie though has kept a stringent stance when it comes to the PC version saying that right now they were only looking at the console version. Today could be a day that brings a ray of hope to the PC users though.

Destiny’s Technical Art Director Ryan Ellis was interviewed by GameInformer today. When he was asked the popular question about Destiny’s PC version he said:

“We have not announced that. And by “not announced” I mean we’re not even… hinting that we’re doing a PC Version. I’m gonna be clear with that, because I will be in trouble.”

See the hint? If not, read on. When he was pressed further and asked that by saying they are not hinting, was he actually hinting? He replied laughing:

“We’re not saying we’re not gonna do it. Wait…”

So there you are, that was definitely a hint – seems like he will be in trouble after all. Jokes apart, what he has said goes exactly in line with what Bungie had said back in November, that they did not want to spread their team too thin as they already had four platforms on their plate.

I am guessing the PC version will be made but we will have to wait longer for that. That will be at least enough for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions to settle down.

Destiny is slated for release on September 9, 2014.