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Joe Danger Infinity Jumps Onto iOS for €2.69 – It’s Thrill Time

Developer Hello Games has just released its latest title called Joe Danger Infinity onto iTunes. This iOS release will set you back €2.69 for a bunch of arcade gameplay, known from the company’s other games.

In Joe Danger, players perform crazy stunts in a busy and colorful 2.5D setting that blends side-scrolling gameplay with 3D visuals. In this game in particular, Joe gets shrunk down to miniature size, which opens up levels to feature wacky objects like watermelon slices, serving as ramps.

For the iOS release, there will be over 100 levels to discover, each with their own challenges. Furthermore, you’ll encounter boss battles during your exploits, which includes fighting an attack chopper.

To keep you motivated, it will be possible to unlock over 25 new characters. Action will take place on motorbikes, but also on cars, planes and tanks as well.

You’ll need to collect a bunch of items during your gameplay sessions. Coins are scattered throughout events. In the meantime, don’t forget that you’ll need to pull out all the stops and perform crazy stunts.

Recently, developer Hello Games was hit with a flood at the studio, leaving their equipment in ruin due to water damage. Prior to that, they had just announced No Man’s Sky.

Their other game, Joe Danger 2: The Movie, is currently being featured as one of the games in the Humble Indie Bundle X. So, even if you don’t have an iOS device to download Joe Danger Infinity, you can get one of their games for a similar price.