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High Moon Studios Might Bring the Next Call of Duty Game in 2014

It might be a little early to speculate on something this big but whenever we get a hunch, it is bound to get reported. High Moon Studios (a part of Activision) recently posted a job listing which hints towards something that could be related to the next Call of Duty game.

The jobs section of Gamasutra has an opening at High Moon Studios for a Senior Lighting Artist. Now there’s nothing new in that but the job description gives away something.

It states that the Lighting Artist will be working with the Radiant Engine which Activision has so far used in the COD games only. Radiant is idtech’s level editor.

The job listing reads:

“The Senior Lighting Artist is responsible for the design and creation of lighting, from concept to completion, and all associated lighting pipelines. Using the Radiant engine, Lighters combine artistic talent with technical ability, scripting lighting to guide the player through gameplay spaces and highlight key moments.”

Obviously, this doesn’t mean they are assuredly working on the next Call of Duty game – it is just a speculation. If the engine has not been used in any other game so far it doesn’t mean it must not be used with any other game. High Moon could be using the same level editor something totally different.

Other projects that High Moon Studios has worked on in the past include Deadpool and Transformers using the Unreal Engine 3.

What do you make of this, do you think they really are onto the next Call of Duty game?