Battlefield 4: January Update to Include Gameplay Balances

Many frustrated Battlefield 4 players may have been pointing fingers towards DICE for having an extended period of holidays with the game in ruins, but that isn’t stopping the studio from pushing out another update “later this month.”

The new multiplayer patch is currently being finalized so as not to repeat the China Rising episode where the update brought in more problems instead of fixing them.

At the moment it’s unclear as to what the new patch will really address. A couple of forum encounters suggests that DICE will be balancing gameplay in the patch. Though it remains to be seen if that’s what the update will only do.

One of the balances involve Scout choppers where players can repair the craft faster than enemy soldiers trying to blow it out of the sky. There are a few tweaks included for DMRs as well.

The current number of issues are still high, and have been since the game’s release last year in November. The last December patch fixed the annoying crashing problem but it still is far from being playable.

You can visit the Battlefield 4 Top Issues Tracker where the developer has outlined the top reported problems and the current status on each of them. There are around 20 of them, including rubber-banding, delayed damage received, frame rate drops, and a “desynchronized” game world where objects have different states for different players.