Kickstarter In 2013: People Pledged Over $1 Million Every Single Day

Funding site Kickstarter has released a short presentation that breaks down what they went through in 2013. It offers some nice, bite-size statistics for you to digest and marvel at.

For instance, the total of pledges throughout the site goes up to $480 million. That’s over $100 million more of last year’s tally.

That also means that more people chimed in. Numbers for pledges have increased from 2.2 million to 3 million. All seven continents are represented in the score, which even features some backing from Antarctica.

Perhaps more impressive when heard briefly, the daily total for money given to the site is well over $1 million. Every minute $913 is directed towards Kickstarter.

Increases are pretty much known throughout the entire system, as multiple pledges have increased as well. Backing more than one project is now known for 807,773 users, with 570,672 doing so in 2012. Over 81 thousand have supported more than 10 projects this year, in comparison to fifty thousand last year.

The most generous among us have backed over 100 things. A total of 975 have done so in 2013, while 452 did that in 2012.

Over 19 thousand projects were successfully completed this year. Among its list of accolades, the site names Ouya and Oculus Rift. Also, they were featured in Cards Against Humanity. There are also several great accomplishments outside of the gaming realm.

Despite “bubble” criticism, it still sounds like Kickstarter is growing steadily.