RoboCop: The Official Game Shows Free Cover Shooter On iOS and Android

While RoboCop still lingers on its eighties rise to fame, the next generation can finally partake in his glory in the newly released RoboCop: The Official Game. This modern shooter with the half-man, half-robot is free on iOS right now and should arrive on Android on January 15, 2014.

This is an officially licensed game by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures and Columbia Pictures, in case you’re wondering if this is some fan-made mod or something. It was developered by Glu Mobile, which you may know from a myriad of other casual games and other mobile projects popping up everywhere. They have quite the line-up.

In this new RoboCop adventure, you’ll follow a lot of the movie traits remembered through the ages, but in the now-popular third person cover shooter genre. So, instead of taking punishment on your manly metal armor, you’ll duck behind cover and pop out to shoot waves of different foes, both human and metal.

You can expect the EM-208 and the ED-209 robots to show up, as well as flying drones and such. Speaking of which, through touch controls, you’ll be able to launch drones of your own.

As with the other, old games with the robotic police officer, you’ll be able to save hostages and scan your environment through body heat vision. Tools and weaponry can be upgraded with the latest OmniCorp technology.

It’s free and it looks detailed in textures and game elements, so why not give RoboCop: The Official Game a spin? You don’t even need to buy that for a dollar.