Nintendo Climbs Over Sony In Market Capitalization

If you’re a fan of stock market statistics, you may be pleased with the recent change in company strengths, as Nintendo has jumped over Sony in market capitalization. Nintendo is now worth around the $19 billion range, while Sony rests at $18 billion.

This rollercoaster is due to some ups and downs happening at the respective companies. Both have had recent histories of operating losses, but some are closing and some are worsening.

For instance, Sony recently posted it would need to start cutting back after an operating loss of $181 million. It has vowed to save $250M in its entertainment sector, as the corporation holds many more areas than just games.

More than likely, their movie business is bleeding money, which has them decided to produce fewer films, from 23 releases to 18. It will concentrate on its TV success to climb back up, though figures are still out for the PS4 launch, which may bring balance.

On Nintendo’s end, they’ve announced more positive numbers in December, using the sales period to ship a ton of consoles and games. For instance, their 3DS handheld has sold over 10 million units in North America and the Pokémon X and Y series has been picked up over 2 million times.

If you’d like an extra comparison: Both don’t come near the market capitalization of Microsoft, which breaches over $300 billion. There’s still a long way to go for those ends to meet.