More Rumors Surface Regarding Pokemon Plus and Minus

We do know that the latest games in the series, Pokemon X and Y are still pretty hot on the market but rumors about the next Pokemon game are already surfacing.

An apparently anonymous source of Dual Pixels has been funneling information regarding the development of the next game extensively. According to the source, a new generation is already in the development.

We have learnt that concept artworks are being exchanged between The Pokemon Company and Nintendo as we speak. Furthermore, there is word of a new team villain which could be Sohei Zealots type – the ones who believe they have to stick with the Pokemon whose egg they have.

Due to the element of the Sohei Zealots, the next Pokemon game would be based around old tradition and new exploration. Also, MMO elements could be planted in the mainland which will boost trade and get updated storylines.

Also, the source has claimed that there will be a Pokemon Band which will essentially be for those who are not really into battles. You play to dance, make music and achieve a high group score.

We are not entirely sure how reliable the source is; after all it’s not an official word from the company itself. Just in case, if all this stands to be true, how would you like the next Pokemon game that Dual Pixels is dubbing as Pokemon Plus and Minus?