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Heavy Duty – Is This Call of Duty Ghosts Game Mode Satisfying Enough?

Infinity Ward has recently introduced a new Call of Duty Ghosts mode known as Heavy Duty. For some it might look like an attempt to uplift the game’s overall image in the eyes of the players who have been with the series for a long time; for other it would be another addition to the already extensive content that the game offers.

If you have been a fan of the Call of Duty series you will know how the gameplay has changed slightly over the time. There was a time when the game would offer a little more of the health count and the competitive multiplayer would not be as intense as it is now.

Heavy Duty on the other hand is different. For one, it does increase the health count of the players but it will be tough to say that the change is very prominent. You get shot 4 to 5 times from a close range and you still go down.

The intensity of competitive multiplayer has not been toned down directly but the range and efficiency of weapons that you use has been altered slightly. As a result, it gets a little tougher for your enemies to pull off long shots at you. Obviously it means you find it tough to do the same to your foes at the same time.

This means that the rapidity of combat and constant battering might still leave you a chunk of health to take cover somewhere, sometime. As a result you just might get a chance to attempt the game a bit more tactically.

Talking about blending Heavy Duty with other game modes like Blitz; it might come out as a surprise for you. Blitz specifically is a mode that, due to its capture the flag objectives, is bloodier than the rest. Players keep running into the score zones where the enemies are and things get messy more often than not.

This time around, you might see subtle yet favorable changes in the way the game treats you.

In short, this new Call of Duty Ghosts game mode is a good experiment in the game’s dynamics – whether it will see the light of day in the next installment of the game or not is up to Infinity.