H-Hour: World’s Elite Shows Pre-Alpha Gameplay to Wash Away SOCOM’s End

Multiplayer fans can lift their spirits, as H-Hour: World’s Elite is still there to alleviate their needs for a tactical shooter. A new clip of its pre-alpha gameplay has surfaced, signaling all is right with its progress.

In the footage, we can see the remnants of a SOCOM era with murky visuals detailing the deserted landscapes of decaying structures and sporadic vegetation. This is seen by players in a third person perspective.

For the new generation of games, this multiplayer feature is enhanced with some post-processing. Even if it’s still very much work in progress, the short clip does its best to show off lighting flares.

Other elements briefly seen in the video include the ability to run and operate a machine gun at the same time. Also, you’ll be able to jump right into prone mode from a standing position, even if its animation looks rather unnecessary at the moment.

For close combat, there’s already one melee attack animation shown. During gameplay, we can also see indicators for players drawing first blood in the match and so on.

If you’re a fan of rapidly aging internet fads, then stick around for the end. You might catch some sort of dancing style. They’re gentlemen like that. Is that enough hints for you?

This news comes in to support those affected by the ending of the SOCOM servers on Playstation 3. H-Hour: World’s Elite is under production by SOCOM veterans and will release on PC and Playstation 4.