Starbound Bags More Than One Million Copies Through Early Access

None of us expected Starbound to tread for less than a hit, but the game managed to outdo the expectations of many while it is still in the early access. The 2D game has managed to sell more than a million copies already.

Starbound the indie game that has been developed by the UK based studio Chucklefish Games plays out in a procedurally generated universe with exploratory elements. Players roam around to get weapons and armor which they eventually use to fight off their enemies as they pass from mission to mission.

The news regarding the sales figures was confirmed by the game’s official Twitter page where they said they had done so “Keeping with the Keanu Reeves theme…”

Reaching the one million copies milestone is an accomplishment that changes a lot about what was expected from the game. Naturally, this will impact on how the game treads when it is sold into the open market i.e. after the early access period ends.

Previously, it was reported that Chucklefish had grossed around $2 million in pre-orders for the game but in light of the new figures it will be safe to say that they have crossed the $10 million threshold.

We think news like these are a great source of motivation for indie developers and we wish to see more of them.