Shadow of Colossus Meets Left 4 Dead in Outrise

James Wearing, the man leading the development of Outrise has described the game as a combination of Shadow of Colossus and Left 4 Dead. How exciting could that be?

In an interview with Polygon, Wearing told that the game is in its early development stage. It will be set in the year 2094 and we will see the world which is now controlled by United States Federation, a group that controls the world’s only currency called “CRYPTOCOIN” so that they can keep the world under their own control.

While Outrise is a group of hackers determined to bring the U.S federation regime by destroying their huge robots death machines.

The game will put 16 players on a map where they will have to work together with their particular equipment to take down gigantic boss mechs. These huge mechs are said to be like the bosses in the Shadow of Colossus.

They will be huge, monstrous and destructive and have variety of weapons at their disposal; they can view the battlefield with multiple cameras and can wipe out waves of enemies in one swift move. One player will control the boss in any given level.

There are plans for private servers, public lobbies, random boss assignment and different boss types. All the bosses will have their unique weapons and movements. They will have different weak points and their will be different ways to take them down.

Wearing said that he wants something smaller as an initial release and then the game will be expanded with new addition, new bosses and new environments. The idea behind the game was to have different strategies for the players on both sides. They referenced to Left 4 Dead, as an example of game where every role contributes something different to the experience.

The developers of the game are currently seeking feedback on Outrise on their official Website. So if you have some crazy ideas of your own, open the page and shoot.