Make Your NES ROMs 3D With FCEUX Hack

A modder/hacker who goes by the name of ‘ProcyonSJJ’ has done a rather simple modification to the NES emulator FCEUX that will give our emulated game playing friends a unique experience.

What the emulator does is it takes the pixels that form the original NES ROM and then converts them all into voxels – 3D; hence flipping your 2D scrolling title to a three dimensional perspective.

However, changing the perspective doesn’t really mean that it will always be playable. True it looks cool and you’ll have some fun going through Mario and some of your other favorite NES titles. However, there are others like Zelda that become almost unplayable.

According to ProcyonSJJ, “[t]he renderer takes the color in the upper left corner and treats that as the clear color while at the same time ignoring any pixel in the image buffer composed of that color (no voxel).”

The system also comes with a variety of settings that allow users to change the thickness of the pixels. You can check that out in action in the video below.

Via Technabob