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Here’s a Trick to Disable 3DS Region Locking

A group of hackers have allegedly found a way to disable region locking in Nintendo’s 3DS handheld.

What the group is suggesting isn’t necessarily pirating, since you are not downloading any games illegally from the web. Instead, you’ll be able to play your purchased cartridges on your system and has nothing to do with bootlegging ROMs or similar.

You’ll firstly require your 3DS to be with v4.5 firmware or older. If you have updated your handheld past this version, then you cannot take advantage of this new trick. However, if you do know of a swell way to rollback your new updates, then do so share with us.

Once the firmware is down, the user has to use a DS or 3DS flash card compatible with the firmware. Following this, a special file is run that modifies the system to load cartridges from other regions.

The author claims that once this file has been loaded, users can also update their firmware to the latest version if they so do please. Then again, you’ll perhaps require that new update since some games demand it.

A dash of warning though. Modifying your system always leaves you open to the chance of bricking your console or worse. For more information you can go here.