GTA Online: Modders Port Over Dangerous Wilf Life

Dangerous wildlife was an excitable part of the single player experience of Grand Theft Auto V. While Rockstar decided against putting it in the game’s online mode, I doubt there are many players who are missing their chanced encounters with say a wild coyote or rabid dogs.

A team of modders though weren’t too happy with the missing animals and so have found a way to bring the same dangerous wild life from the game’s single player portion into GTA Online.

Videos of it are finding their way to the web right now. You can check the one above which shows a YouTuber by the name of ‘HayaboostaTT’ and his friend getting mauled by a mountain lion. It looks spectacular.

Seems like modders are having a good time in exploring GTA Online. Previously, some hacked the game’s in-game currency and handed out billions in GTA$ to random people in the game. With the latest animal incursion, Rockstar may have to step in.

Would you like an official addition of wild life into GTA Online?