Baldurs Gate 2 Enhanced Edition Will be Released to iOS Soon

Great news for iPhone users who are into fantasy RPGs; Baldurs Gate 2 Enhanced Edition will be out on iOS pretty soon!

The game has been in development for a couple of months now which means it was about time that we heard more from the developer Overhaul Games. The game’s creative director Trent Oster took it to Twitter and commented on the potable version’s development progress.

Although he has said that the in-app purchases have been approved by iTunes and that Baldurs Gate 2 Enhanced Edition “should hit soon,” he makes no mention of what exactly is “soon.”

Nevertheless, it has been nearly two months since the game was released to PC and Mac back in November 15, so I don’t think the mobile gamers will have to wait for much longer.

We just hope that this dungeon crawling RPG does not have to face the same music that the previous Enhanced Editions of Baldurs Gate have had to face. The last game was pulled off from iTunes temporarily and the sequel’s development was also stopped for a while.

How many of you are hoping to get your hands on the Baldurs Gate 2 Enhanced Edition when it comes out in the market?