Square Enix Montreal Cancels Next-Gen Hitman title

Square Enix Montreal has canceled next-gen Hitman title and it has been confirmed. Videogamer citing the linkedin profile of Square Enix senior game designer Richard K who claims that it was formerly canned last year.

The development of the game was in doubt when Square Enix shifted their team focus towards mobile titles in 2013. Studio is now developing an “unannounced Hitman game” which will be available for Android and iOS.

Not a lot was known about the canceled title, it was first announced in 2011, and it was expected to be the first product of Square-Enix Montreal.

Square Enix Montreal which was established in 2012 were tasked to develop a AAA title of Hitman. It was described as a fresh perspective on the Hitman Franchise.

Tore Blystad, director of Hitman Absolution wanted to have two studios IO and Square Enix Montreal working on the franchise in order to release annual hitman game, like Activision which employes Treyarch and Infinity ward to release Call of Duty annually.

Hitman Absolution did not meet the expectations of hardcore fans of the franchise as the developers made the game more linear. The core elements of stealth were left out of the game.

The changes turned it into a general shooter, and perception of being a generic shooter made it difficult for the game to attract the hardcore fanbase which it had made with the previous titles.

For now we will just have to wait and see what the studios have in store for us with their mobile development of Hitman title.