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Have Your Say About Battlefield 4 In Its Review Survey

If you’ve been itching to state your opinion on Battlefield 4, the game currently has a survey going out, asking its users to weigh in. It’s a short, two-step process and should only take you a few minutes to reach the team immediately.

First off, you’ll be asked to rate the shooter on the likelihood of you recommending it to a friend. You can rate from 0, being the least, to a full range of 10 at the most.

After that, you are presented with a small box, where you can drop your review. As an added line, the page states:

Our goal is to provide you with the perfect game experience. Please tell us how we can improve your rating.

More than likely, the developer is trying to pinpoint what stability issues are the most prominent among its users. Since launch, the game’s online services have been less than stable, prompting multiple patches that may or may not resolve issues.

That hasn’t stopped Electronic Arts (EA) to brag about the game, however, stating it’s “the best FPS game out there, period.” That tidbit came with a series of critical acclaim from around the globe. It is a good game, when it works.

Its state is so deplorable that EA was hit with a lawsuit for being misleading on its intentions, which is something the company denies, of course. It’s not like EA is a stranger to lawsuits, when you see its history with the NFL series.

Despite issues, Battlefield 4 did recently bring out an expansion with the China Rising content. It adds a new game mode, several new maps and a few weapons.