Original Splinter Cell Game Director ‘Clint Hocking’ Leaves Valve

The creative director of Far Cry 2 and game director for the original Splinter Cell game, Clint Hocking has quit Valve Corporation after a short presence of one and a half year.

News got broke through the official LinkedIn Page of Hocking as well as his personal blog where his biography section states that he used to work as a designer and level designer at Valve in Seattle.

Clint Hocking has been in the gaming arena since the past nine years. He took off at Ubisoft in 2001 where he debuted through Splinter Cell. His work on Level Design, Game Design and Scriptwriting was nominated for Game Developer’s Choice Awards.

Before leaving Ubisoft in 2010 he worked on Far Cry 2, another block buster that was critically acclaimed. He worked as a Creative Director for LucasArts for the next two years until he announced July 2012 that he had joined Valve.

Hocking had been working on an unannounced project for Valve Corporation during his one and a half year tenure with them though nothing has been announced yet.

He has been writing a monthly column for Edge Magazine for some months now but apart from that we don’t know what is keeping him busy.

Now we do agree that Hocking has contributed in a way that has broadened the scope of stealth games but what bothers me is that we haven’t heard much from him in a while. That coupled with the job switching is something we won’t want to see.