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Don’t Starve Hits PS4 This Tuesday, PS Vita Version Expected

How many of you were waiting for the open world action adventure based Don’t Starve? Well, if you have you would want to visit the PlayStation Store this Tuesday. Developer Klei Entertainment has announced that the game will be released on January 7.

A post on the US PlayStation Blog from yesterday has announced that the horrendous world of Don’t Starve will bring you to a twisted island, fast depleting food and dark horrors tomorrow!

The game is going to be free for all the PlayStation Plus subscribers so those of you who had bought the subscription with their next generation consoles would be at ease for helping the Gentleman Scientist Wilson against everything that is trying to starve him.

Other than that, Klei entertainment decided that it was the right time to tease another version of the game. When a user suggested a PS Vita version of Don’t Starve, the developer’s reply hinted that they might be looking for the same too.

Don’t Starve was originally released on Microsoft Windows, Linux and OS X in April this year and was received positively by the critics. Let’s see how the PlayStation 4 version of the game plays out.