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Deep Down: Jackies and Paulies Detailed

Thanks to the PlayStation Japanese blog here are some details for the Jackies and Paulies, strange monsters inhabiting the dark corners of the game’s dungeons.

If you spot a treasure chest lying around in a dungeon, be sure to check whether it’s not a Jackie. These creatures like mimicking treasure chests and when approached will jump out to snatch whoever tried to open the chest.

If the target starts fleeing then Jackies will extend its arms and legs to pursure and then finally biting down with its many fangs. Damage is unavoidable, even with tough armor.

Deep Down Paulies

Chests are not going to be the only source of concern. Sometimes caterpillar-like round-bodied creatures will take on the dungeon ceilings and walls where they will lie in wait for unsuspecting fools.

Paulies like to nest on high surfaces and will attack in clusters. As its group increases in numbers, the threat it emanates increases as well. It’s best to finish off them before you’re surrounded.

Deep Down is a free-to-play title in development for the PlayStation 4. It has a medieval setting where the dungeons will randomly spawn every time you visit. So in a way it also falls into a sort of memory-game category.

Visually, the game has been looking stunning. A full reveal though would be greatly appreciated.

Source: Gematsu