Bohemia Has Already Made $12m From DayZ Standalone Early Access

Thanks to fans of the 2009 mod of the same name, DayZ Standalone version has already managed to sell more than 800,000 units even though it is an alpha release.

Creator Dave Hall aka Rocket took to Reddit for talking about the game sales:

We (bohemia and I) had very ambitious plans for 2014 already; however this amount of sales was completely unexpected.

DayZ Standalone alpha version came out on December 16 and since then it has grossed over $12 million. Hall went on to state that such a huge number of sales were “crazy” according to their expectations. He said that they would have been content if the game managed to scrape off 250k within a quarter!

One effect that can e expected out of this is that the development process might be sped up, as suggested by the Reddit users. Dave Hall has not commented on that aspect, he suggested that they will be laying out the roadmap in mid January though the figures make it evident that there will be a positive impact on it.

DayZ Standalone is available on Steam right now but the game is rough and suitable for hardcore fans only.