SugarDVD Has More PS4 Owners Than Xbox One’s

What better way to test out your new next-gen console than to hook up with one of the largest online renter of adult DVDs.

Yesterday SugarDVD, reported by GamesBeat, revealed that there are three times as many PlayStation owners signed up with the adult website than Xbox One owners for the month of December. Sony’s new console did in fact sell more than Microsoft’s and so it’s understandable. However, it has come to light today that while the PS4 may have more fans of the adult website, the Xbox One is a host to longer sessions.

“The average time spent per session varied quite a bit,” SugarDVD spokesperson Nicole Stetter told GamesBeat. “For PS4 users, it was 17 minutes versus 26 minutes with Xbox One users.”

Other information divulged by SugarDVD includes the revelation of more than six percent of its female consumer base to own a PlayStation 4 than Xbox One. Of the PS4 SugarDVD members, 43 percent also streamed films on their computer. While on the Xbox One, that number was only 29 percent.

For mobiles, 32 percent of PS4 SugarDVD subscribers also streamed on their Android, 14 percent used an iPad, and 10 percent did their private business on an iPhone. Of the Xbox One subscribers, 21 percent also used an Android, 9 percent watched SugarDVD on an iPad, and only 7 percent did it on an iPhone.

“Conclusively, we gathered that PS4 users tend to have more devices,” said Stetter.