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Dota 2 Team DK achieves dream comeback to win ACE League

One of the biggest tournaments of the year featuring the top eastern teams, the WPC ACE Dota 2 League has concluded with a very dramatic and inspirational Grand Final going in the way of Team DK.

This huge LAN event was played live at Shanghai, China and has been going on for 3 months, with a total prizepool of 245.000$ USD.

The tournament featured a league format with 2 games for each matchup (1-1 score = draw), which ended with the top 6 standings who qualified for the knockout stage:

1 – DK 43 points
2 – Invictus Gaming 38 points
3 – Vici Gaming 37 points
4 – LGD 35 points
5 – Tongfu 34 points
6 – 28 points

The knockout stage featured best of 5 games in which all of the matchups ended with 3-0 scores with the exception of LGD vs iG. Since they placed top, both DK and iG got directly seeded to the semi-finals while the remaining teams had to battle it out.

Because LGD.Int had 2 members leave the team, VG took a relatively easy win over the international squad, in the other matchup LGD won against Tongfu. Both of these winners then lost on the semi finals against DK and iG. Before the Grand Finals, there was the 3rd place decider match in which VG 3-0’d LGD.

Then the Grand Finals Best of 7 between the titans DK and iG came and boy was it a treat… The games are an absolute must watch, iG won the first 3 games making them go way ahead of DK and just needed that final game to seal their victory but then DK overcame that 0-3 with 4 victories in a row, turning it into a miraculous 4-3 victory, thus taking the first place of the ACE Dota 2 League.

It’s really hard to describe the feeling by words so instead

">here is the moment of victory where one of the monitors gets smashed into the table due to pure excitement and here is how it ended up!!

The fan favorite DK members: BurNIng, iceiceice, Mushi, LaNm and MMY sure partied really hard. 1st placed DK win 163.000$, 2nd placed iG win 49.000$ and 3rd placed VG win 16.000$

All the games can (and should!) be watched with English commentary in the

">Beyond The Summit Youtube channel!