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FTL: Advanced Edition Features New Alien Race

Subset Games has reveled that their upcoming expansion, FTL: Advanced Edition, will feature a new alien race called The Lanius.

The Lanius are capable of surviving in deep space without the need of any life support. They are a threat to organic life forms since they are able to drain oxygen from any compartments or space they inhabit. Subset calls them metallic scavengers and they will remain dormant for years traveling through space, awakening only when they detect “significant metal deposits”.

As previously announced, the Advanced Edition of FTL will feature other enhancements as well, including new weapons, augmentations, systems, enemies and more. New drones include the Shield Drone “that generates a green super shield for your ship,” the Anti-Combat Drone that destroys enemy combat drones, along with the Ion Intruder that “blasts into the enemy ship and randomly ionizes systems while stunning and distracting crew.”

There is also an iPad port in the works and will launch alongside FTL: Advanced Edition in early 2014. The expansion is going to be free for those who already have the game on PC, Mac or Linux.