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ESRB Gives Watch Dogs an M for Mature

Ubisoft has still to announce the new release date for Watch Dogs, which was originally intended for release in fall of last year but was then delayed in light of the developer needing more time.

The ESRB though has rated the game on all systems, which might mean that the game’s impending release is going to be soon. The ESRB gave the title an M for Mature and citing blood, drug reference, intense violence, partial nudity, sexual themes, strong language and use of alcohol; pretty normal for your yearly blockbuster sandbox title.

In the rating’s summary, the ESRB mentioned that players would have access to pistols, machine guns, assault rifles and explosives. Aiden can also go melee and knock out enemies with a black jack. Interrogations can end in the players opting to kill their captives and the “combat is highlighted by cries of pain, blood-splatter effects and realistic gunfire”.

Furthermore the summary mentioned a scene where a women is auctioned off to a room full of male buyers. It could very well be that Aiden is tasked here to destroy this ‘slavery’ network.

I’m going for a Watch Dogs release by March or April. Ubisoft is keeping pretty quiet on the matter, only coming out with instances that remind us that Watch Dogs is looking great. Hopefully with the new year started and everyone back in their offices, the studio will give a full reveal soon.

Source: ESRB