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Contra III: The Alien Wars Releasing for Wii U Virtual Console

It’s time to go down memory lane with Contra III: The Alien Wars, which is releasing for the Wii U’s virtual console sometime this year.

The side-scrolling shooter will be based on the North American release and not the European version which was called Super Protector: Alien Rebels. It will feature multiplayer co-op for up to two players. There’s no indication on whether this will be online or not, but we’re assuming it to be LAN only.

According to the game’s description posted by GoNintendo, the title will include “bombs, flamethrowers, spread shots, lasers and homing guns” in the power-ups department.

In the year 2636, the Alien War rages on, and it’s up to two soldiers, Jimbo and Sully, to stop the invasion. In this Super NES classic, play solo or with a friend and battle through six stages of non-stop, run-and-gun action.

This is one game that you have to check out, if you haven’t played it already. For that matter I’m sure even those who have will be wanting to go through it once again.