Pokemon Bank Removed from eShop Due to Technical Issues

The Pokémon Bank application was released in Japan yesterday and while it was supposed to come out in the west tomorrow, Nintendo has today announced that the app has been removed from the eShop due to technical issues.

In a statement issued on Nintendo of Japan’s website, the Pokemon Bank application was said to be causing a slew of problems across Nintendo’s online servers that in turn were seriously affecting the quality of service for the 3DS and Wii U eShops.

Nintendo has not revealed a new date for the application to return to the eShop and it’s unknown whether this will effect the release of the app in North America and Europe tomorrow or not. Judging by the official statement, it could very well be that the western release has been pushed back as well.

Nintendo did assure though that the free 30-day trial of the software will restart when the application does become available again.

The release of Pokemon Bank in Japan saw to a great demand, which in all is of no surprise. Pokemon X and Pokemon Y sold over 4 million copies in Japan in just the first two days. You can well imagine the toll Nintendo’s servers would had taken with all of that force bumping in and during the holidays.

Source: Nintendo Japan