Deep Down: New Screenshots Show Wrath and Sorrow Dungeons

Deep Down
Capcom has rolled out a new batch of screenshots for their upcoming online free-to-play RPG Deep Down.

What you see below are two types of dungeons, called Dungeons of Wrath and Dungeons of Sorrow. If it wasn’t evident from the images, both dungeons will feature distinct environments. Wrath will boast a volcanic environment with rivers of fire that give off a red illuminating setting.

Sorrow on the other hand would feature a cold setting, with the walls and floor covered in clear thick ice. In all it would give off an eerie aura that will make any adventurer shiver to the bones.

The shots also reveal two new monsters. “Jakki” will be found in Wrath and can smash down foes with relative ease. “Night Light” is a flying behemoth found in Sorrow and can emit an intense bright light to destroy its enemies.

Source: PlayStation Japan