Console Users Seem to Make Up the Most Traffic on PornHub

This post is strictly for people who’re 18+ so if you’re not, you may want to back-out now.

The PornHub Application on Playstation 4 certainly can’t serve as an alternative to real sex but it gets the job done. Furthermore, it’s absolutely free and one doesn’t have to worry about all the liabilities that come with it. Though you may want to get ready to provide an explanation to your parents.

PornHub officials have presented some interesting statistics regarding the PornHub App.

According to these stats, Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 users are ahead of the pack in the overall traffic of the site. As for Xbox users, they happen to spend the longest durations of time; on an average about 11 minutes and 34 seconds.

PornHub Stats

PornHub Stats 2

It was also disclosed that the bounce rate from consoles is lesser than that of PC browsers. Looks like console users have gotten something more interesting than the video games.

Source: Hardcoregamer