Titanfall PS4 Port was Considered by Respawn, Why Not?

According to a well known whistleblower on NeoGAF, there were talks about a Titanfall PS4 Port before EA made a deal with Microsoft for console exclusivity. Furthermore, he says that there are some performance issues with the game at 720p.

The information was revealed by a man by the name of Ahsan Rasheed (or Thuway, as he is called on NeoGAF), an industry insider who is known for the reliability of his information. He first mentioned the 720p problem of the game, and said that the developers, Respawn Entertainment were waiting for a driver update coming in January to fix the issues.

After that he mentioned two different sources and said that the developers were talking about a PS4 port before EA signed up with Microsoft.

It really is just that – common sense. EA and Respawn potentially cut their sales drastically by not making the game multiplatform. If you think they made the decision without even considering a PS4 port, you’d be mad. Keep in mind that this is not Word of God, just rumors and hearsay.