The Wolf Among Us Episode 1 Free On Xbox Live Right Now

Stop what you’re doing and go get The Wolf Among Us on Xbox Live right now. Its first episode, called “Faith,” is currently listed as a free purchase on the marketplace and should be good to go, even if you only have a regular Live account.

Downloading the game should contain around 900Mb of space. Normally, one episode would set you back $4.99.

If you liked the game, you can still purchase a season pass for $14.99 on Xbox 360. This will give you access to all five episodes, once they release, of course.

In The Wolf Among Us, players take the role of the big bad wolf in the real world. His name is Bigby and he oversees the dealings of all fairy tales trying to blend in our world. Its story takes after the Fables comic book series.

Quite like The Walking Dead before it, this adventure game from Telltale Games has a heavy focus on conversations with long-lasting consequences. Choices made affect the story in later episodes, which may even include life and death situations.

Also like their previous game, The Wolf Among Us uses heavy cel-shading to present its comic book feel. Throw in some frogmen and ogres and the mood is set for a magical time. It’s really quite the catchy game already.

In related news, Telltale Games also launched The Walking Dead: Season Two last week, as we noted in our Release Reel video.  You can have your pick of what adventure style you like the most.