Possible Monster Monpiece Sequel Teased In Graphic, Jiggling Video

Leave it up to Japanese developer Compile Heart to be completely inappropriate right out the gate with its game announcement. As reported by Siliconera, there’s a teaser out for an upcoming game of theirs on Playstation Vita. You’ll need to make sure you’re alone in a secluded room to view it.

If you’re unsure if watching the clip is a good idea, we’ll describe some parts of it. First, the camera zooms in on some huge, jiggling breasts, then it comes closer to gyrating butts to move onto more nudity later on. You get the theme it’s going for here.

This clip may possibly lead to a new Monster Monpiece title, which is a previously released Playstation Vita exclusive from the company. Details for the tease will land in the December 26 issue of Dengeki Playstation.

To keep things on the same level of decency; Monster Monpiece is a game that uses the PS Vita’s touchpad qualities in a rather special manner. When presented with illustrations of oddly posed girls, players need to rub both touchpads to undress these characters. This motion, when paired with holding the handheld sideways, resembles the movement done for male masturbation.

Don’t expect that game to be localized anytime soon. Eccentric as some may be, it’s doubtful that any localization firm wants to take on a masturbatory reference game.

Compile Heart is also responsible for similarly themed games such as the Hyperdimension Neptunia series or the Record of Agarest War franchise, which features impregnating girls to save the world. That’s the logic.

Another link to the teaser’s Monster Monpiece reference can be found on the teaser site.