A Man Who Owns 11,000 Games Sets a New World Record

Richard Lecce; just another common man from USA has a peculiar habit of collecting video games. In 2010, Lecce made a world-record for having the largest collection of video games with a mind-boggling 8,616 games.

Recently, Guinness World Records 2014 Gamer’s Edition has revealed that Michael Thomasson has overthrown Lecce by collecting around 11,000 games.

According to a rough estimate, Thomasson’s complete collection is worth around $800,000. The only bummer for me is that despite of having the largest collection ever, he hasn’t played every title because of his job and family.

“I probably get three hours of playing in a week, if I’m lucky.”

The previous record-holder; Richard Lecce, paid his respects to Thomasson and appreciated him for his passion about collected video games.

“My congratulations to a fellow collector. It’s very impressive and I’m very happy for him.”

Lecce also stated that he hasn’t counted his game collection for years now and the sole reason to apply for a world-record was because of his children.

What is the oldest game that you still have in your library and how many games do you have in your collection? Let us know!