Latest Trailer For Titanfall Reveals The Atlas Mech

Titanfall can easily be regarded as one of the most anticipated titles of 2014. The release date is only a few months away and the developing studio is continuously teasing fans with videos; hinting what should they expect from the game.

A recent trailer showcased Atlas; a heavyweight mech who will be leading the mechs with its perfect amalgam of firepower and armor. The in-game description of Atlas reads, “the workhorse of the IMC Titan fleet.” In addition to its high firepower and armor, Atlas also has high-speed movement than other mechs.

Atlas has a close affinity to the ‘Assault’ class from many FPS titles out there and is said to dominate the battlefield with its versatility.

“Workhorse of the IMC titan fleet. It has survived every encounter and mission scenario, and continues to out perform competing technologies on every battlefield.”

Titanfall is the first title developed by Respawn Entertainment whose developing team has a first-hand experience in making Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (The best Call of Duty game, in my opinion). Furthermore, Respawn Entertainment is closely working with Electronic Arts so you bet it’s going to be hell of a ride.

You can check out Atlas Mech in action in the trailer above!

The Microsoft’s console exclusive; Titanfall is slated to release on 11 March, 2014 on Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.