The Last Guardian Appears on the PlayStation Store

The Last Guardian surfaces once again into the land of the living, this time being listed on Sony’s PlayStation Store for the PlayStation 3.

The listing page was discovered earlier today by a NeoGAF user, and actually goes against the rumor of the game being shifted to the PlayStation 4. Sony has yet to release any official statement regarding the discovery but it’s possible that The Last Guardian is one of the many ‘big announcements’ being planned by the company for next year.

It seems like forever that the Last Guardian was said to be in development. The game has constantly been said to have been scrapped, revived again, and then delayed even further. It has now come to a point where consumers believe the project to have died.

However, Sony is all for supporting its PlayStation 3 even with the advent of the PlayStation 4. This is clearly indicated by recent releases such as The Last of Us, Beyond Two Souls and Gran Turismo 6. 2014 may be host to a new series of next-gen announcements, but expect Sony to drop in a few surprises for the PS3 as well.

Could The Last Guardian be one of them?

Source: NeoGAF