Starbound Armor and Shields Guide – How To Craft

Shields and Armors are a certain way of protecting your character not only from lethal hostiles but also from unpleasant environments that you might find yourself in.

Bosses and Mini-Bosses are hard to take out; especially if you are not equipped well. And in this guide, I’ll be explaining a few ways of surviving in the universe of Starbound.

How to Craft Avian Tier 10 Armor
The foremost thing that you must do before crafting Avian Tier 10 Armor is to defeat Jelly King and have Ore Crafting Tech at your Robotic Crafting Station.

You will have to farm for a while after taking out the Jelly King in order to make all these Tech Upgrades available. For more information on how to defeat Jelly King; check out our ‘Starbound Boss Guide.

Almost all of these Tech Upgrades are quite easy to find with the exception of Impervium Bars which will take 1 Coal and 1 Rubium Bar to craft.

It’s a great idea to craft Avian Tier 10 Armor as it provides excellent amount of energy regeneration and have a lot of protection to survive even at the toughest of planets.

How do the Shields Work?
The primary function of a shield is to protect your character against enemy attacks. However, this blocking mechanism doesn’t initiate on its own and must be triggered in order to protect your character.

Another thing to keep in mind is that blocking only works when you’re blocking from the front. Any kind of attack from behind will still damage you. The amount of damage that a shield absorbs depends upon the shield and since there is no way of finding that out; you’ll have to test a few of them to see which one works best for you.

This also depends upon the level of the planet; using a shield at Level 2 planet will fully block an attack, but if you use the same shield on a Level 4 planet then you will take damage. The Dual Shields do reduce the damage by 50%.

Furthermore, you can’t use a shield while attacking and can’t use a gun. So you need to keep that in mind!

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