PSN Features Sales for The Last of Us, Persona 4 and Some Movies

Looks like the 12 Deals of Christmas for PSN is finally ending and it’s all leading up to an awesome sale on two brilliant games; Persona 4 for the PS Vita and The Last of Us for the PlayStation 3. Oh, and depending on where you live you can rent a couple of movies for much cheaper than expected.

The Last of Us normally costs 59.99 Euros but with the sale you can buy it for as little as 29.99 Euros. That’s a 50% discount, and as if it wasn’t enough, PS Plus members get an additional 10% off. You can also snag the Last of Us comboed with the Season Pass Bundle for the PS3 which will cost you about 37.49 Euros. Of course that’ll be +10% off for PS Plus members.

The other game that’s on sale right now is Persona 4 Golden, which is for PS Vita. Originally cosing 39.99 Euros, you’ll be able to snag this excellent title for only 19.99 (with PS Plus members enjoying a further 10% discount)

There’s also an opportunity for those of you that love watching movies, because depending on where you are, you can rent certain films for cheaper than normal. Here are the deals:

  • In the UK, you can rent The Purge for £0.99 in SD, or £1.99 for HD
  • In Australia, you can rent Snitch for AU$1.99 in SD, or AU$2.99 for HD
  • In France, you can rent Dead Man Down for €0.99 in SD, or €1.99 for HD
  • In Germany, you can rent Epic for €0.99 in SD, or €1.99 for HD
  • In Italy, you can rent The Croods for €0.99 in SD, or €1.99 for HD
  • In Spain, you can rent The Blue Lagoon for €0.99 in SD, or €1.99 for HD

Source: PlayStation Blog