Next Car Game Enters Playable Early Access Through Website Preorder

Developer Bugbear Entertainment has unleashed their latest driving title called Next Car Game onto their audience in an Early Access build. Those who pre-order the game can get playing on their PC right now through Steam.

If you’re looking for the game on Valve’s digital hub itself, however, you’re out of luck. Preorders are exclusively being distributed through the game’s website. Don’t worry though; you’ll still get a Steam key for your trouble to try the gameplay right now.

So far, the first playable build holds two cars and three tracks. It should familiarize players with the world of Next Car Game and its rambunctious 24-player races.

Statements do express that this game is still very much in development and will therefore reflect a lesser performance, which may be riddled in bugs and so on. If you’re interested in joining the development cycle, feel free to dive in.

Those yet to be impressed by the developer’s destructive qualities can sign up to try a technology sneak peek, which offers a small playground for cars to roam through. It’s filled with ramps and strange contraptions that will test a car’s mettle, in a rather explosive way.

Destruction is a big thing for Next Car Game, which lists past experiences with the Destruction Derby and Flatout series of vehicular combat. A short demo reel shows off a lot of particles flying around.

There are multiple tiers of purchase available, with $25 right now being the cheapest tag, though it will at some point return to $30. That nets you the game and a few wallpapers. For $35, at the moment, you’ll also add an exclusive backer car to that. There’s even a section that goes as far as $1000, which lets you design a car paintjob.

Judging from the numbers displayed on the site, quite a few people have taken the bait. At the time of writing, backers have breached 8000 people and accrued nearly $250,000.

As a neat anecdote; that’s already a lot more funds than their original Kickstarter project. There, Next Car Game failed at about $80,000.